Mathematical User-Interfaces
Workshop 2009

At the eigth Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference
Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, July 6th 2009



The workshop will happen in the room Main Lodge Meeting Area. The schedule below is confirmed. The presentations below will soon be enriched with hyperlinks to the talks and papers. The schedule for the rest of the CICM week is online.

08:30-09:30: Invited talk by Rob Arthan:
                Computational Logic and Continuous Mathematics, Pure and Applied

09:30-10:30 Interfaces to Mathematical Notations (chair P Libbrecht)

10:30-11:00: coffee break

11:00-12:00 Formulæ In Larger Environments (chair R Miner):

12:00-14:00: lunch break

14:00-15:00 Formulæ In Larger Environments, continued (chair E Smirnova):

15:00-16:00: Invited talk by Marko Panić:
                Math Handwriting Recognition in Windows 7 and Its Benefits

16:00-16:20: coffee break

16:20-17:50: Manageable Mathematical Knowledge (chair M Pollanen):

17:50-18:50 Demonstration Session.

About MathUI'09

The 5th mathematical user-interfaces workshop is a forum to discuss, demo, present, brainstorm, and review all the math-specific facets of user-interfaces.

It happens in the form of a peer-reviewed workshop with presentations and discussion, followed by an expo-like demo-session.

Programs for computerized mathematics are evolving rapidly and are being used by a wider audience than ever before. Researchers are aiming to provide well-designed and widely-applicable user interfaces for this diverse audience. Among the questions lies the hypothesis that unified mathematical language is used with all systems. Can we achieve this?

This workshop provides a forum for the discussion of computer representations of mathematics, and how gestures, writing, speech, or other novel techniques can be used to improve mathematical user interfaces.

Topics include:

Guest Speaker

The MathUI organizers have invited Marko Panić as guest speaker for the workshop to talk about the formula handwriting recognition many could discover in betas of Windows 7.

Marko is a program manager at Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS), where they have been building a world center of excellence for machine learning and UI innovation. Apart from Math Handwriting Recognition, other projects include Language Handwriting Recognition, Document Layout Analysis, SQL Server Spatial Libraries. They are shipping to major Microsoft product lines such as Windows, Office and SQL Server.

He is managing the development of math related projects at MDCS, most notably the software for recognition of handwritten mathematical expressions for Tablet PC technology that will ship with Windows 7, the most natural and efficient way of inputting mathematics into applications.

On a biographical note, Marko holds an MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Oxford, after completing a BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at University College London. He has lived, studied and worked mostly in Belgrade, Serbia, as well UK, USA and France.

Demo Submissions

Submission for participation to the demo session is welcome, please send by mail a proposal with title, URL and 2-paragraphs description.

The demo session will run for an hour at the end of the workshop with individual demonstrators having each a table.

Paper Submissions (closed)

We are seeking submissions of either papers on and/or demonstrations of user interfaces for mathematics. Videos, prototypes, mock ups and any other sort of demonstration are welcome!
Proceedings will be online.

Submission format: article of 3-8 (printed) pages, in PDF format only, which may include other electronic presentations such as videos or animations complemented by an abstract of less than 150 words.

Important Dates:

All submissions are done on MathUI's easychair.

Programme Committee

The workshop will be reviewed by the following persons:


All arrangements are provided by the MKM conference: