Mathematical User-Interfaces
Workshop 2008

At the Seventh Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference
University of Birmingham, UK, July 27th 2008


MathUI happenned in parallel to ESARM and DML workshops.

Session 1: content math input

Session 2: future of mathematics input

Session 3: math on the web

Session 4: software demonstrations, 17h-19h
Aside of the speakers, we have the following extra software demonstrations:


deco: Are they parallel? GeoProof Building on the success and interest of its predecessors, the MathUI workshop aims at bringing together researchers to share about the mathematical facets of user-interfaces.

The explosion of remote communication tools, both discussion or publication oriented, has shown that computers are rich enough to carry most messages. Mathematical communication has not been at rest with the many standards and tools around. User-interfaces that encompass these communications are most diverse but their user-side is crucial for the communication to happen well. The MathUI workshop proposes a place of exchange and presentation for investigations in mathematical user-interfaces, including:


deco: Move without Equivalence - Aplusix

We are seeking submissions of either papers on and/or demonstrations of user interfaces for mathematics. Videos, prototypes, mock ups and any other sort of demonstration are welcome!
Proceedings will be online.

Submission format: article of 3-8 (printed) pages, in HTML or PDF format, which may include other electronic presentations such as videos or animations complemented by an abstract of less than 150 words.

Important Dates: (to be confirmed)

Programme Committee

The workshop will be reviewed by the following persons:

deco:Map of derivation steps - Interactive Drivation Viewer
deco:Palette and TeX formulae - MathType