jEditOQMath is a package consisting of several tools whose aim is to support the creation, the editing and to some extent, the management of collections of OMDoc documents for use in the ActiveMath learning environment.

The jEditOQMath distribution is making available XML-editing, template-supported creation, and extended validation to author OQMath documents. It takes advantage of the built-in Ant script support to ease the immediate publication in ActiveMath and also tries to support the input of mathematical formulae by on-the-fly translation of OpenMath expressions to QMath.

Try the developer snapshot or the release 0.4.

If wishing to avoid Java Web Start, use the zips in the downloads section. These allow installation of further plugins but do not update automatically.

If on windows, please be sure to have a recent cygwin installed.


jEditOQMath includes:

  • The Java Editor jEdit of Slava Pestov enriched with a selection of plug-ins, slight patches, and a selection of configuration. jEdit and its plug-ins as well as this part of the distribution is under the GPL.
  • jEditOQMath includes OQMath, distributed under the MPL. OQMath relies on QMath which is under the GPL.
  • (Windows only) cygwin1.dll is delivered in binary format to support QMath binary. Cygwin is copyright Red Hat Linux Inc. delivered under the GPL.
  • The OQMath jEdit plugin copyright the ActiveMath group, DFKI and Unviersitaet des Saarlandes, under the MPL.
  • jEditOQMath does not include ActiveMath which you are encouraged to request for downloading using the information on ActiveMath home page.

Download and installation

Please have java-web-start installed and use the developer snapshot.